Wow 16 Months – Happy Birthday Addison

I can’t believe my little girl is 16 Months old today. It goes very quickly, I remember those 1st 6 months begging,  praying she would get to this stage, praying she would sleep, eat and not projectile vomit everywhere. At least most of those things are nearly there.

I have never shared this on the blog before but it’s difficult being a Mama to Addison, I hate the fact I miss out on so much, I have worked 4 days a week since she was 3 weeks old. It’s hard knowing how to bring up a “normal” child, she is like my first-born all over again.

I hate the fact I feel Addison misses out due to having a disabled brother, she doesn’t get to go to the park, or Mummy & Baby groups, her life is complicated, she will never know any different but as a parent we always feel guilt.

But amongst all my angst my little girl is Amazing, she learns things so quickly, her communication is still hard and she has tantrums to rival a teenager, but she is such a comic and I feel she may end up being a scientist or mechanic, she pulls apart items and rebuilds them with ease, but not before inspecting how they are put together in the 1st place.

She is my world, I love her more than I knew possible, she is what being a parent is all about, she is a brave, determined and will be the most accepting child, she loves her brother, she copes well that his needs already at times are more than hers.

All in All she is Addison, there are certainly difficult days, days where I lock myself in a room and want to scream but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

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  • Happy 16th Months Addy! You are very beautiful!

    Kara you are a wonderful Mummy and don’t ever doubt it xxx

  • Jenny Paulin

    Happy birthday gorgeous girl with an equally gorgeous name 🙂
    Oh Kara it must be hard coping with two children so different in their ages and needs. I am sure Addison doesn’t feel she’s missing out in anyway as she is very much loved. I admire you so much and think you are an amazing woman and mummy. Xx

    • Wow thanks Jenny for such lovely words, I am sure Addy doesn’t notice at all just yet, it is hard but its our everyday, we all have challenges some small, some bigger but we cope for our babies xxx

  • Oh Kara she is just gorgeous, you must be so proud of her and it sounds like she is really advanced in her development too. What a cutie! xx

    • Thanks Katie, I am very proud, although she is very hard work xxx