>Wow I can’t believe it

> (Ash in Vegas just thought it matched the title)

This fine Jewellery blog has finally in 4/5 months made a piece of jewellery and is showing it to you all – woohoo, can you believe it, I may actually start a normal life again.

All I can say is thanks to both my aunts who both needed a piece and here they are ……

One of my aunts wanted some Anklets as she can’t find any she liked in the shops, as she loves Swarovski Crystals I made her these 2.

Then I finally made a Necklace with some gorgeous Lampwork Beads I got of an incredible talented British artist Clare of Craft Clare I have had these beads a very very long time now I did loose them for 3 months but they have now turned up and I made a Necklace I am so pleased with for my other Aunt for her Birthday. She only wears Grey and Black so I think she will enjoy this piece.

To celebrate this wonderful adventure of my Jewellery muse returning I have decided I need to clear some of my stock so I am having a giveaway which I shall put up either today or tomorrow.

Love to all

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    >Well, it’s about time! Where the heck have you been? We have been missing you. So glad you had a good time in, hmmm… where was that now (giggle). Welcome back chickie.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  • katydiddy

    >I LOVE that you are back in the creative fray. Your work is wonderful & the world NEEDS to have it! Try to do something creative EVERYDAY until I get back, ok? Doesn’t have to be big-even just a doodle. If you are a good girl, you just might get some mail from Spain!

  • Monica Yvette

    >Yay Kara! Isn’t it great to get back to making fun stuff? I just got started making jewelry again too. It’s a good feeling.