1 Month Into Weaning

I asked advice on weaning just over a month ago now, Deacon was having major problems with Milk intake still and doctors said get him started on food. Due to his eczema I didn’t want to use pre made baby food too much if I could help it.

So much advice came in from my fellow bloggers and I am hugely grateful, I also kindly received some from the lovely Annabel Karmel at The Baby Show back at the end of October.

I love Annabel, we have met 4/5 times now and she always takes the time to have a good chat about how feeding is going with all the babies, she had a play and fed Deacon a little and gave me some great tips, as well as gifting Deacon and I her famous Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner and some fruit sachets she has just released, no lactose to effect Deacon’s eczema.

making puree

The book was a godsend for my nervousness, I know it’s silly but I had totally forgot how to do the whole make baby purees and which to start with, the book is a great guide, I have also been looking through it for Grayson as he has finally got the all clear to try more than just veg blended, at school he is having taster meals (blended to a smooth purree) and fish seems to be his fave.

The sachets also came in handy a couple of times I got caught out without a meal, Deacon loves them, much like my other kids fruit does seem to be his favourite, that darn sweet tooth. But I don’t mind too much as he also likes Mummies blended carrots.


Within a couple of weeks, Deacon moved from 1/2 meals a day to most days having 3 small or 2 large, he hasn’t cut any milk feeds out, but then to be honest he still takes under the recommended amount.

Very kindly this past week Vital Baby sent Deacon his very own feeding set and drink cup, which is fab as he had been using the tired leftovers from his Brother and Sister.

He instantly took a liking to the bright blue of the bowl and wants to keep putting his hands in it, so I think this will work fab for when we start Baby Led Weaning as well this month.

weaning 1st tastes

I love the spoon, I think it is one of my fave to date (and we have about 40 in our house) it’s a lovely large handle with a soft silicone spoon, it is just soft enough for Deacon to have a bite on when the food hits his mouth, which happens alot as he is teething terribly. It also being silicone cleans the food off the bowl brilliantly.

The bowl and spoon set also come with a lid, so it means I can put my made puree in it safely to take over to Granny’s.

Deacon has also been testing the Vital Baby KidiSipper – he instantly fell in love with this cup, especially against a Tommee Tippee cup, the soft spout means it doesn’t hurt his poor sore gums (come on teeth) whilst he has his sip of water, the cup is the perfect size too as on his 2nd time of using the cup he has already started to hold it and take to mouth, I honestly was shocked at less than 6 months old.

vital baby review

This is my first time using Vital Baby products and I must say I am really impressed, with 2 boys using baby feeding products several times a day I shall be buying some more.

vital baby review

So he has been doing pretty well, as I said we are starting Baby Led Weaning this month, this has never worked well in our house before so I am determined for it to be a success with Deacon, what are your suggestions for 1st foods to introduce ????

Disclosure – We were sent Vital Baby products FOC for purpose of review, all views are our own. We were kindly gifted Annabel Karmel products, no review was requested but we loved the products.

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