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Oh dear time for another Meme post – bet your sick of hearing about me, but the gorgeous Alli of Mum 2 Four tagged me so go blame her.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. Answer the 10 Questions
  2. Tag at least 1 person to do the same
  3. Go and leave a comment on the original blog post over at Super Amazing Mum and comment you have done the 10 questions so in order for us to find out who has been tagged and therefore find out more about our fellow bloggers!
So here is question time.
1. Describe yourself in 7 words ?
Short, Mum, Loving, Crazy, Hardworking, Untidy and Shy.
2. What keeps you awake at night ?
What doesn’t, well apart from my 2 munchkins, I suffer with anxiety and depression so I am constantly over worrying, I also have a hormone issue which gives me frequent Night Terrors.
Plus Ashley’s Darth Vadar Sleep Apnea Mask.
3. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why ?
Easy Grayson, I would love to know how he is feeling, whether he knows I am his Mummy, whether he is in pain, whether he is happy.
4. What are you wearing now ?
PJ’s, if I am at home and no one special is round (eg I don’t care too much about the family) I am always in PJ’s, today’s are flowery bottoms and a Lacy vest and no BRA – I love BRT (Bra Removal Time).
5. What scares you ?
My Babies this Month

Until having children it was obvious things, but since having kids it’s everything, I am terrified I wont be in their lives, I constantly see the danger in everything and it makes me very fearful.

6. What is the best and worst thing about blogging ?
The best is hands down the amazing friends I have met through blogging, Alli who tagged me for example, we had talked maybe twice and she sent a toy I had wanted for Grayson.
The worst is how much it plays in my insecurities, when no one comments I go inward a little more.
7. What was the last website you looked at ?
SWAN UK Blog – A very helpful post and a great website helping families with SWAN babies like Grayson.
8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be ?
My weight – shallow I know.
9. Slankets – Yes or No ?
I personally don’t have one as our little flat is very warm, but I would never say no to one, Ashley has always wanted one.
10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you ?
Alli is one of the kindest ladies I know, she is Mama to 4 gorgeous kiddo’s her youngest Harry is such a character, we have not known each other very long but she always checks on Twitter to see how things are going. She also was luckily enough to win one of my Handmade Necklaces and has been very kind about its design. I am thankful to have her as a friend, she always waves to me on her way down to visit family in Dover.

Ok now for tagging – hopefully these peeps will want to take part.

Ash @ Honey What Do I Do With the Kids
Sian @ Fishfingers 4 Tea

Thanks for reading.

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