>10 years have past but life grows

>A great blog friend Dawn of Knees Up Mother Brown did a great post a couple of weeks back.
Here in the UK we have just completed our 10 year Census, being a Sociological person I love things like census’s and surveys I find it super interesting and Dawn thought the same and decide to list 10 things that have changed in her life in the past 10 years.

I loved this idea, I believe when you look back at life you can realise how fortunate you are in your current times, so here are my 10 changes since 2001.

1. I was not married in 2001, in fact I had not even met my husband that happened in February 2002 and I am still so thankful for that fact that he saved me, he transformed my life so massively (too painful to explain).

2. I also was not a Mama – now I have my gorgeous Grayson born in Jan 2009 and my soon to be Addison due in May.

3. In 2001 I was still in my 20’s in fact I was only 20 now I am the big 30.

4. I owned my own home back in 2001, I had a mortgage which cost less than half of my current rental property but I am much happier with my circumstances now.

5. Back in 2001 I was not speaking to a few members of my family who I had always been very close too, that is now all resolved and I love being back with people who I care for so much.

6. I was working a job which I hated for a big multinational company, although I still find my current job very difficult I know run my father’s business and its alot more rewarding.

7. In 2001 I was not racist/sexist or prejudice in any way but I did not understand or take into account how people who are “different” are so affected in every day life, now after having a disabled son for the past 2 years and seeing some prejudice held against my family for being of mixed race i Have an even larger understanding of consideration and tolerance.

8. In 2001 I barely even knew what the World Wide Web was let alone to have met some of the most amazing and influential people in my life through it.

9. In 2001 I was suffering very badly with my Manic Depression, since then I have learnt how to by the most part control my condition even without the aid of medications and although I am sure it does not always sound like it by the most part am very happy to be me.

10. In 2001 I never knew that by know I would have had my own jewellery business which whilst open was a great success and pure pleasure to have done.

The reason my past 10 years have made me smile.

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