1001 days, what would you do ?


day zero projectday zero projectAs I popped onto Flickr at 4am this morning (Grayson had me up) I saw my friend Becki had posted a picture of a Cross Stitch project she had just finished, it was part of her Day Zero Project.DZP is making a list of 101 tasks which you complete in 1001 days. It can be anything from make your bed everyday to Climb Mount Everest.

Day Zero explain it like this … “Welcome to Day Zero, the home of the 1001 Day Project. A unique challenge that inspires you to set and achieve your personal goals in life.”

When I saw it, I thought this really for me, as many of you know my little boy Grayson is poorly, we are still not sure what the cause of his condition is but he is now registered disabled and takes a lot of work and many hospital trips each month. Due to this my life has changed and time for me has gone south, I am not complaining about any of this as I am so happy to have him in my life but it has meant I have had to change my life a great deal, I sometimes forget to do things for myself and I have always run my life with to do lists but in the last year that has not been possible.
So I am looking at Day Zero as my giant to do list.

I have started writing my 101 tasks down, there are some simple things and some which we be that little bit tougher, I have included a few below, but at the moment I am only up to 50, so I wanted to see peoples suggestions for me or what you would put.

  • Have another baby
  • Sell something on Etsy
  • Go for a Picnic
  • Get another tattoo
  • Paint a piece of pottery
  • Make Graysons 1st birthday cake
  • Take hubby to see ‘The Lion King’
  • Blog about each 101 task once completed


Can’t wait for your comments and pass this post on to all your friends.


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7 thoughts on “1001 days, what would you do ?

  1. >So glad you are inspired to start this project! I think its really good as you can set your own goals and can make it as challenging as you like but you have almost 3 years to complete it! I filled mine with mostly fun things 🙂

    You could add things like something you would like to try cooking or baking. Maybe visit a particular place for a meal or somewhere you would like to visit! orrrr is there something you would like to save up for and buy or a crafty project you want to complete?

    hehe, hope that isn't too much!
    Beckie xx

  2. >Thanks Beckie not too much at all. Didn't think of somewhere I would like to eat. Mmm. Food for thought. Lol. Thanks again for the idea x

  3. >you know… we can find strength in the little tasks we acomplish! You know I am here cheering you on!!
    one of my tasks is to exercise at least 4 times a week for 20 min….oh and make sure the dishes are done every night… welll..that is on my list.

  4. >Hi Kara,

    Welcome back. I hope you find out what is causing Grayson to be so poorly.

    If I was doing this project, some things I would probably include are:
    paint the bathroom
    go out to dinner at xxxx restaurant
    write an actual letter, not an email to a friend
    join the library instead of buying books
    spend a day at the aquarium
    make a new tree topper for our Christmas tree
    find a pair of jeans that fit properly
    share my favourite childhood story books with our niece
    keep a plant alive for the entire year

  5. >Good for you, Kara! It always feel more accomplished when I can cross things off of a list!

    If I could just keep up with laundry I would probably feel great!

    But, I would really like to have special and creative time with my kids each day. As Grayson gets older, I am sure they will suggest lots of motor and tactile therapies that will allow you to do that with him. But, I hope they figure out the cause and make him all better!

    Hugs on all you are going though with your gorgeous boy!

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