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As I flicked through Pinterest at 6am this morning I came across a quote I have saved from The Virtual Typewriter – the quote actually by one of my favourite artists Pablo Picasso…..

Pablo Picasso Quote

It stopped me mid scroll. I sat there and thought hard for many moments. Thinking about how I have been struggling these past few months with life.

This year I have allowed life and it’s problems to really take a hold of me. I haven’t done anything for me at all for a very long time.

When we talked about having children it was always very important for Ashley and I to still do things for ourselves and as a couple, without doing that I knew we would both go crazy.
And it would seem this year we both lost our way and have not done that at all.

Many years ago now I took part in the Day Zero Project. As a list lover it was the ultimate list to check. I loved everything about it. Although I never completed my 101 things I did manage to do things that without the list I do not think I would ever of pushed myself to do.

So I have decided now is the time to take back the control and find happiness again, not to be lost anymore.

I pulled out a notebook and started my 101 list straight away but I know this will take me a little while to complete, so I am setting myself immediate goals.

I have made a list of 10 things to do over the next month, the list is quite diverse but I know they are all things that will make me smile again. They are not necessarily things I would feel the need to do before I die but they will give me happiness and that is something I certainly want.

So how about you ? Are you forgetting to do/experience things that make you happy ? If so why not join in with me.

My List
  1. Get my hair done
  2. Go out to dinner just Ashley and I
  3. Make a piece of Jewellery
  4. Go to sleep by 10pm one night a week
  5. Read a whole book
  6. Go without TV one night a week
  7. Get my eyebrows done
  8. Write my 101 list
  9. Complete those long overdue forms
  10. Exercise once a week


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