Reading Books, Mexican Food And Trying // #LittleLoves

I have been promising myself to join in with Little Loves for an age again now, I love this weekly link up from Morgana of Coffee,Work, Sleep, Repeat.

Well we are back in full-blown school routine, part of me is so sad but the other knows the kids really love the structure. So what have I been loving…


I actually have been reading a BOOK! Wow can’t believe I get to type that as it has been forever since I have. But I made it one of my 10 Happiness List this month and I picked up Eat, Pray, Love which has sat for 2 years wanting to be read and I must say I am really enjoying it, I think it will take me a few more weeks to finish but yippeeeeee.



Since giving up some of our Sky subscription and changing to Netflix I have been watching so many new shows.

My top picks this past couple weeks have to be Zoo, Stranger Things and Spotless. Would love to know what other people are enjoying ?


I have so many projects in my head at the moment but with working and hospital visits this past couple weeks they are on hold, but I did make a new recipe this week.

Do you like Mexican Food and/or Pizza ? Then my Fajita Pizza Roll maybe for you.

Fajita Pizza Roll Recipe - Innocent Charms Chats


I don’t think it has missed regular readers attention but I have not uploaded fashion posts in quite a while. I lost all my confidence in the past few months and had started to hate the way I looked again.  I am on a path to change that and hopefully will treat myself to a few pieces for my Autumn wardrobe so you can start seeing some of my outfits again.

But I must tell you about the new Monsoon Rose Gold perfume I have been wearing. Now many will know I have been Rose Gold obsessed for about 10 years now so when Monsoon sent me this new scent I was praying I would love it and I do!

It is has a nice floral feel to it but instead of being quite light it is a bit deeper so perfect for wearing from day-to-night and into Autumn, also just look how pretty the bottle looks on the dressing table – double win.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume the perfect Autumnal scent - Innocent Charms Chats


I have worked most of the holiday’s so the fact Ashley (the Hubby) is a weekly vlogger was fab as I got to see what they had all been up to, my favourite part of this week was hearing Grayson’s giggles at Mickey Mouse, they have been missing for a while.


And Lastly


I think we are all too hard on ourselves, I am sure many of you will nod at this quote as you read it.

I myself had stepped away from blogging as I thought no one was interested in what I had to share, I constantly compare myself to people who are blogging full-time, I had to remind myself that I am TRYING but I have a lot going on.

So I am looking to the little things, how I added recipe cards to blog posts this week, how I made the #homeetc mosaic on Instagram, how 4 people linked up to Corners of my Home this month – I have tried and they are mini successes.

If you do one thing today remind yourself you are trying!



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