The very beautiful @stylemesunday asked me to be part of her #WarriorWomanProject2 and share something that makes me Vulnerable. I have to say the list is a little endless. Suffering with manic depression and anxiety doesn’t help that. Today I decided to be brave and share something that makes me truly upset to my stomach daily. I always feel people look and judge me for it. I have a hormone condition that means I grow excessive amounts of hair. Dark, thick, male style hair. Unwax worthy according to many beauty therapists. If I didn’t hair remove daily my face would have a beard similar to a man. Daily I feel ashamed that I have this, that I have to remove it, that my kids ask me what I am doing, that if I leave it a few days my husband may see it. It isn’t very long here as I couldn’t go more than 2 days as I feel so self conscious. This is me though. A #vulnerableme laid out to you all. I am hoping doing this will show many of you we all have things we hide. That make us feel self conscious. But we can learn to live with them and be strong. I will not be my facial hair. Please do follow @stylemesunday and feel inspired. Follow the week of amazing people.