I have been bullied nearly all my life. From as young as 4 to now. I am definitely stronger now and try to not let bullies get me down but that isn’t always easy. As I came on today I was met with this picture, a simple hashtag #bekind – my beautiful friend Sabina @mummymatters had tagged me in a post (linked in bio). She talks of how she wants to share the love of people who make her think of this hashtag. This filled me with pride. My blog is not a big blog, not successful, to be honest barely anyone reads it anymore. But my blog has meant I have met more amazing people than I can ever share. I am too kind for this world a lot of the time. But I don’t care. In this past month alone I have on many occasions be commented too how kind I am. This makes me happy. My one aim in life other than to raise beautiful human beings I. T children is to be kind and to make people smile. So today think of how you can also do that ! Thank you blogging for amazing friends.