7 weeks ago I went to the GP after finding a lump on my right breast. Honestly I was not hugely worried but Ashley insisted. He was right too. Within 2 weeks I had seen a specialist, 4 weeks in I had my first Mammogram, then today I was recalled for an emergency Ultrasound. By this morning I will not lie I did feel quite anxious at what they may find. As it can happen to any of us. Thankfully whilst I waited in a back to front gown as they are too small for big busted ladies, I text Ashley who continued to make me laugh and take away some of that fear. I ended up with the head of the department giving me another more detailed Mammogram. I have a very large clusters of cysts in my breasts which they do believe 80% are begin, so I shall be going back every 4 months for retesting. Tonight I am less anxious and hugely thankful. For my husband who was by my side and showed no fear (even though I knew he had some), for family and amazing friends who have supported me these past weeks and to the NHS who moved so quickly. Check your breasts ladies. Don’t ignore it like I had been.