It’s not my fault that today I am oversharing #20thingsaboutme I was tagged by @whathannahdidnext @ @kateag — 1. I am the eldest of 4 siblings but also the shortest
2. Once upon a time I was a carnival queen, I even got to county level
3. Grayson was originally named Gray as I really liked it, but then someone thought it would be short for Graham so I had to find a name that worked
4. I am terrified of dying
5. I didn’t even know what Ashley looked like for the first 2 months we were dating
6. I have 2 tattoos but dream of a full sleeve
7. I have seen ghosts my entire life
8. I shaved my head grade one from down my back to raise money and awareness for children like Grayson
9. I am so incredibly self conscious yet I dye my hair bright colours to feel less unattractive
10. My favourite flower is a peony
11. I was given the title a Hello Kitty Superfan by Hello Kitty
12. Mary Poppins is my favourite film
13. I’ve been diagnosed with depression since I was 15
14. I wanted to go to Uni but didn’t as I spent every day of my secondary school life being bullied and was frightened it would continue
15. I am scared of birds but my favourite sound (other than complete peace) is birds singing in the morning
16. I’ve been to America over 8 times but never been to the one place I have wanted to go my whole life NYC
17. I have been driving digger and machines since I was a little girl
18. My dream car is a Smart Car or a GMC Sub
19. Ashley proposed to me on the beach in Cuba less than 6 months after we met (15 years ago)
20. I am not a fan of the colour Orange
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