“a child is an uncut diamond” they say and do the most precious things. Me and some of the gals from #ukmumsquad are sharing the little things that make our #comicalkids
They have many words they just can not pronounce right that now over the years we all say, squiggle for squirrel, fairy boats for Ferries and the jumpoline for trampoline.
One of my newest favourites is “pinky please” instead of pretty please or pinky promise.
The little things my kids do is what keeps me smiling. From the nose kisses when Deacon sucks my nose, to the time Deacon was so proud he did a thumbs up with his middle finger – do your kids have comical moments. We would love you to share and tag #comicalkids how about you @susankmann @tomanychildren @iamalisonperry @coffeeworksleep @sonia2011 @mollyjforbes ?