2 More Sleeps And Counting Till………

Cybher – woohoo!


I can’t believe it’s finally that time again, last year Cybher was my 1st and still only blogging conference, it was the 1st time I was going to meet any bloggers in real life, I felt sick to my stomach with nerves, I was so excited but also scared that it would be one big bitch fest. I was wrong.

From the moment I was queuing to enter, I was met by the lovely Susan K Mann, we had never met before but she still chatted to me, since we have become friends, if you don’t follow her you are missing out.

I entered a room of many faces, some I recognised from Blogging and Twitter Profile Pics, others new to me, but I felt out of my depth to talk to any, I text my husband and said I am coming home. But then the lovely Dawn and Sonia took me under their wings and I felt the love I had felt online in real life.

After 6 years of blogging I had thought I would have had more confidence but I was wrong, but no matter, I should not have worried as within 20 minutes I was cuddling and laughing as I met more friends than I can even remember.

Cybher is great for so many reasons, meeting people you have spoken to for an age, seeing friends you have not seen for months maybe even a year, but then to top of the G&T’s and child free time there is all the advice and info you learn from the many sessions, I still resize my pics to the size I learnt is best on the eyes, I use app’s that Biba To suggested and feel inspired by the so many speakers that shared their secrets.

I hope to meet so many familiar faces as well as some lovely new ones, here I am, you won’t miss me as I have accompanying me a HUGE 8 month Pregnancy Bump, I think I maybe wearing Black Bags and String as nothing fits, but hopefully I will style it up.


Do say hi if you are going, so we can meet on the day and I am so pleased the nerves aren’t as bad for me this year.

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