>2012 – A Fresh New Me


Hi All

Happy New Year, 2011 is behind us and although I am very thankful for many things its gave me including a beautiful daughter, there has been a great deal of turmoil.

2012 at the moment is looking like a bad start, but I am not going to be down about it, I am going to embrace all the complications it may throw at me as I want this year to be brilliant.

So what am I planning for 2012, it’s a long list just of BIG things.

1. I am setting myself a Smile Challenge, I want to make someone smile each day, in different ways, I am hoping that some of you will be those people, if I make you smile please let me know, I shall be tweeting all about it, you see smiles change lives, a friend of mine once said it was someone that took the time to make her smile that stopped her taking her own life, yes that’s grand scale but lets be honest when you are down an act of kindness no matter how small helps.

2. Grayson’s Great Fun Day – More details will follow in many posts over 2012, a great deal of you know I am hosting a charity fun day on 25th Aug 2012 in honour of my Son, the main event I shall be having my head shaved, I am very excited and apprehensive about the event, I want it to be a huge success.


3. 366 Photo Challenge – for the past 2 yrs I have completed a Flickr 365 Photo Challenge, of uploading a photo a day (flickr photo link on right) 2010 I was not too successful but 2011 I managed every day, this year thanks to The Boy and Me I have decided to upload a photo a day on my blog, I am not sure yet if I shall do a separate post each day or tag it on the end but it shall be fun and I am sure mostly of my babies – but  it is my blog!

4. I will try to complete more of my Day Zero Project – I have completed so little of it over the past year and I know I can not complete all 101 tasks but I shall try my hardest to do a better job to achieve things for ME.

5. Loose weight – I know that old nutshell, but I have too, I have a couple of medical issues that came up in 2011 and my doctor is concerned that my weight is causing major issues, I have major psychological issues with food as a whole, but I hoping with the help of my Hubby to take charge and find the happy me this year.

6. Last but by no means least, I want to really get to Cybher 12 and meet some amazing friends, I still have no sponsor and if Jan pans out as I think it will there will be no way for me to send myself, so please make me smile and sponsor me (info can be found top right).

So how is 2012 looking for you ?

My 2 babies shall achieve much this year I am sure, I am hoping for one to be able to walk and one to be able to stand this year, both would make my heart smile and cry.

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