21 Months and Growing – Addison

I can’t believe by the end of the Summer you will be 2 years old and a big sister. Life is changing so quickly, you are changing so quickly. These past couple months have seen you grow so much, you are so confident and enjoy life to the full.

I am so excited to see how you will be with Baby Sweetpea, you love Grayson so much, but he struggles to respond to you in the way you crave, but your little brother should make life very interesting, I think you will struggle with Mummy having someone else to focus on, you have very much become my little sidekick of late, wanting cuddles and story time with Mummy for hours every evening.

You cry as I leave for work, which tears me up inside, but I know it only lasts minutes and then you have a lot of fun pushing Daddy’s buttons all day.

You are my little dare devil, nothing scares you, which terrifies me. I constantly find you climbing things way above your size and capability and you just giggle away.

I love your love for life, you certainly are very strong-willed and we are reminded with tantrums every day but the way you look at life as just fun makes me smile everyday.

I love you Pinkle, you are my special girl and always will be.



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