Grayson’s New Naughty Habit

My life has become quite difficult over the past week, once again I have just spent the past 3 1/2 days in the hospital with Grayson, it has turned out that the shadow on Grayson’s MRI is in fact a Bleed and they are sure this has affected his development.

He has now been referred to a top hospital in London who specialise in Neurology.
Strangely this was not his reason for going to the hospital this time but I am glad we did as they are finally showing some effort, last week Grayson stopped eating pretty much altogether and lost weight, some of you may know he is already 4 lb underweight.
After ultrasounds, more bloods and a barium swallow they have found out that he also has grade 2 Gastric Reflux, so he is on lots of meds for this and a new milk, unless he has picked up by Tuesday he will have to go to being tube fed for god knows how long, which I dread, as due to his development he may forget how to eat altogether.
Well sorry for the depressing post, I just needed to say all this, I try to keep it all inside as I like to be strong for my family but I know I can vent to you girls.
To cheer it all up though look at some gorgeous pictures of my Perfect son i took in the hospital this week, I love his little face so much, to look at him he seems so happy.

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