I am still smiling!
I think that is a massive win. Back in November I promised myself to take care of myself more, get healthy and be happy.
Our life is full of an immeasurable amount of stress and worry but they are a lot of things I can not control but are controlling me so I promised myself to try and relax.
I was so ready for it after Christmas, really focusing on happiness and making others happy but man has January thrown some Pantsness at me.
Most of all my health, it has taken a bad turn and after collapsing last week I ended back at the docs.
I am off for more tests this week and had to stop my couch 25k last week. Ashley would rather I didn’t do it tomorrow as doctors orders but I am going to take it steady. He will be with me after all.
I really am lacking in inspiration because of all this though, even my new pink coat has not got my brain ticking.
So I would love to know what you are enjoying reading on blogs at the moment ?
Maybe share a great post with me so I can have a little read, pretty please.
Be kind to yourselves xxx
#happiness #behappy #selfhelp #littleloves