{Being Brave}
Something I struggle with everyday is confidence. From the outside looking in people think I am a confident, outgoing person but nothing could be further from the truth.
I am still that little girl who was so quiet she always got picked on, would stay late in town so that I would get the quieter bus home from school and would do anything to be liked.
But now raising 3 children I am learning to be brave, to not care so much what people think of me, to sit in a cafe on my own and not feel sick, to be friends with only people who deserve my friendship and to dance the Maypole when my Auntie asked because I bloody love it and who cares if my boobs were swinging and my wobbly bits were going everywhere as for 5 minutes I felt so happy and content and when I stopped my little people looked at me with sheer joy that their Mama did the Maypole.
If I can teach my children one thing in life it is to be who you want to be and try and ignore the bullies.
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