5 Products I Could Not Have Lived Without – New Baby

So today Deacon turns 3 weeks old. It has honestly flown by. There have been good days and bad days but all in all he is a very content baby.

deacon 1 week old

I thought I would list my top 5 products that I could not have done without these 1st 3 weeks as a guide to new or new to be mums.

1. Doomoo – this is a bean bag for a baby. I bought our Doomoo over 4 years ago now when Grayson was born. It has been used for over 2 years with each of the other babies and has in turn now passed onto Deacon.
Like his brother and sister before him, he loves it. He loves having a snooze on it during the day or when awake looking around and watching his crazy sister.
When I bought ours there was only 3 colour choices. Cream, blue and pink. I went for cream as the blue was garish, but now there are just dozens of colours and prints to choose from.

deacon uses doomoo
Everyone who has seen my kids in one says they want an adult version and many have bought for their babies. I can’t recommend enough.

2. Stokke Sleepi Cot – I had a very standard cot with my other 2. Addison is still in it. So we knew we were going to need another cot for Deacon. Deacon like Addy did, is sleeping in our room for the 1st few months as he will be eventually sharing with Addy. We knew we needed somewhere safe for him to sleep but that was not too big. I have never been a huge fan of a Moses basket (they are grown out of so quick) so when I saw the Sleepi cot I was in love and knew I had to have.
Starting off at a small size on wheels it fits perfectly by our bed but can be moved about to get to the wardrobe etc. Deacon is safe and secure even if his big sister comes in to check on him, then when ready added sides go on and a new mattress and its a standard size cot.

deacon in stokke sleepi
Deacon seems to love his Sleepi and is very settled and when I lay in bed his little face is the same height as mine, which means I don’t have to jump from bed every time there is a noise.
The Sleepi goes from newborn up to teens with some additional kits & truly grows with your child.

3. Sleeping Bag – I bought ours from Mama Designs at The Baby Show and I love it. I was never too keen on them when I had Grayson. I thought they were gimmicky. But when I had Addison a baby who never settled, constantly pulled blankets over her face etc I become a convert. It’s proven fact they are safer and have reduced cot death. On top of that I think, like swaddling, they give a calming secure effect on a baby.
The one I have from Mama Designs is a multi tog sleeping bag and has a removable inside so it’s perfect no matter the weather, which at this time of year when Summer doesn’t know whether to come is very handy.
I have washed the sleeping bag already 6 times in past 2 weeks and it is washing so well.

Deacon in his babasac

4. Johnsons Products – I know there are many great companies that make baby products, but I have always been particular fan of Johnson’s. I actually use them all myself as a sufferer of eczema & reactions to other products, they are the only ones that feel good on my skin. So in turn I trust them for my babies. I loved giving Deacon his 1st bath. Washing his little hair clean with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and the cuddling him after and taking in the smell.

deacon's 1st bath
In the carry box they are so handy I can carry them up or downstairs wherever I need them.

5. Burp Clothes, Bibs and Muslins – By the plenty. You can never have enough. Especially with a Pukey baby. It protects against constantly needing to change outfits and thus reduce washing. I have only simple white ones at the moment. As I crazily forgot to buy any till the week of Deacons Birth. But I am on the look out for some pretty/funky designs.

deacon sporting bibs

So there is my top 5. What about yours? Suggestion for what could be making my life easier as a Mummy to a newborn.


The Stokke Sleepi & Johnson’s Box were both sent FOC for review but the opinions are 100% true, honest and our own.

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