Monster Fun with BEAR Alphabites

“Mummy there is a box from BEAR – is it PawPaws or Letters ?” – I was met by a very excited little girl at the door when I returned home from work last week – she knows the BEAR logo well, we have all BEAR products in our home, when she comes food shopping with me she always has her own little list (I kid you not) and PawPaw’s (BEAR Paws), Pawpaw’s the round ones (Yoyos) and letters (Alphabites) are always on that list!

So she was beside herself when she saw the box from them, even more so when she saw not only was there “letters” but as always with BEAR an awesome package of making goodness for her to do.

BEAR Alphabites have hit the shops this month with all new packs which include a gift, yes a gift, let’s be honest how much does this happen anymore with cereal? My fondest memories as a child of breakfast time were opening a new pack of cereal to receive a little treat and then as I scoffed said cereal to read all the fun on the back of the box! Well BEAR obviously had fond memories too as they have done both.

BEAR Monsterbet

BEAR Alphabites are celebrating a new year with special packs that include magnets with the MonsterBet on them, a series of Monsters designed around every letter of the alphabet, each with unique stories. BEAR kindly sent the kids (even Grayson, thank you BEAR) everything they needed to make their own Monsterbet – so the younger 2 (Grayson was poorly) after enjoying some yummy Letters aka Alphabites set to making theirs, they chose to do the letters of their names, it was so much fun and with our leftovers we are going to make more.

BEAR Alphabites

Addison decided hers was a nice monster and had to be called Addison as well.

How would your kids like to design their own MonsterBet ? Well BEAR have the template on their website ready and waiting and you could even be in with a chance of winning a Monster supply kit – just click the photo below and give it a go, what a great way to have fun on these cold, wet afternoons.

monsterbet competition

Once again I am outstanded by how much care and thought BEAR put in, we reviewed Alphabites back in 2013 when they were released and the fact that they are added to Addy’s shopping list just shows how much we still love them, not only do we have them for breakfast in our house but we also take them out dry for snacks when out n about and as they are refined sugar and salt free I am always happy (as is the dentist).

I love that they have taken such care in thinking of ways make learning fun, to make breakfast time fun, Addison at 3 is struggling a little with the Alphabet but these magnets have not left her pocket and they are bringing such a fun element to help her learn.

BEAR Alphabites

I really can’t recommend going out and buying BEAR Alphabites MonsterBet packets enough, I know from my Instagram some people were saying they struggle to find them, but if you can’t find them in store at Waitrose, Asda, Wholefoods, Sainsburys and even many Tesco, then do head online to Ocado and get some delivered, they have a great shelf life so just stock up for a while.

See us making our Monsterbet.

So do come by and share what you think of Alphabites and if you design a monster the kids and I would love to see.


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