9 Years And Counting…

Happy Birthday

Can you believe my little blog turned 9 yesterday, by many blogging circles I am a veteran blogger, but honestly I feel like a newbie with a blog that no one wants to read.

Over those 9 years I have fallen out of love with my blog more times than I care to remember, it has changed content wise so many times due to how life has changed, if you had said to me 9 years ago it would be here, I would not have believed you.

The problem is my blog does not fit into a category and thus I am not really of interest to anyone, if I set up separate blogs for everything I wanted to blog there would be too many, even though my blog to me makes sense as Lifestyle surely means your life as a whole, to others I am just a mish mash I think.

I could say the usual “I blog for me” crap, but that is not true and I do honestly believe no one really blogs for themselves as if they did it would be a hidden blog not open to all. I never lie about the fact I miss the old blogging days, where I was part of a little community, most of it was US-based as blogging in the UK was still quite new, but in those days I belonged to a niche, I had a business that made Jewellery and everything around that community was huge in blogging at the time. But if I posted some home purchases, or a new makeup product because we were a community, like-minded they enjoyed these posts too.

My blog has had a couple of facelifts this year and I still do not like it, I shall be changing it again this next month, I think I am yearning for something from my blog that just is not possible, a blog of years past, I know there are very popular blogs, especially in the parenting community, a couple are my absolute faves, but mine is not of that content.

Sorry to be all negative, that was not how this post was in my head, I am so pleased I did not delete my blog those few times I have tried, I am so pleased that I would take a break and just come back naturally, I am ever so pleased for the friends it has brought into my life, even if some are now not there, they gave me people who at very hard times in my life have carried me through, cried with me and made me smile.

Most of all you Innocent Charms Chats have been me, my constant in the past 9 years and I am BLOODY PROUD of you.

Side note – I was planning to host 9 giveaways as a way to celebrate over the next 9 days, but they did not get fully sorted, I do have a couple of lovely prizes to be won though, so watch this space over the next few weeks, my little way of saying thank you to the people who do come and say hi xxx

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