Introducing Mrs Emily Clark….

Social Media is something I do really believe in for its positives, I have met some of my best friends through social media and it allows me to stay connected to them.

Social media also gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with an old school friend, Emily. To be honest we did not spend a lot of time together during our school days ( a shame) but we have kept in touch over the years and I have loved sharing our lives.

Emily shared her home on Frame It Friday last month and since then I have tried to convince her to join the world of blogging, I know she would be fab at it, she has an eye for Interiors and shares fab pictures on Instagram.

Her confidence is not there yet so I decided to have Emily come and blog here once a month on the 10th, I would love it if you could all give her a warm welcome, she has some great posts lined up and hopefully it will help her with that numb brain issue we all understand when you are home with the kids.

Emily Clark

I’m Emily. Mrs Clark. Mummy. These are the names that I go by.
I’m excited and nervous as I write this but I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity by Kara.
I love being a wife and a mummy to my two boys but I feel like my brain needs something else other than toddler tv and 7 year old homework (which I can struggle with sometimes!🙈)
Last August we moved into our first house. I am loving putting my stamp on it and making it ours.
I love lots of things, probably too many to name but here are a few- my boys, bees, robins, flowers, upcycling, coffee, cake, photographs, copper, Cath Kidston.
I’m hoping you will follow me on my journey.

The Clarks

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