A Day In The Life – Grayson 5yrs & 3 Mths

Back in December I decided to start a section on my blog of A Day In The Life – a chance to remind me of everyday’s of my babies, well today I am sharing a day of Grayson’s.

Grayson was off school today for Hospital appointments, this is quite the everyday for Grayson.

Grayson - day in the life

The day started nicely at 5am (lie in from you Grayson) after breakfast we got washed and dressed, you enjoyed some Mickey will we sorted out supplies for the day ahead.

1st meal for Grayson

Then quickly at 9.40am you have your 1st of many meals of the day before we head off in the car to London.

Evelina Hospital

We arrive at Evelina Hospital, thankfully still fitting in a normal pushchair as your crappy wheelchair is still broken.

We head to the waiting area and you have your next meal of the day, totally mesmerized and giggling as you watch the lift go up and down.

Grayson seeing his surgeon

We then head upstairs for all your Hip X-Rays before seeing your surgeon, you are all kinds of awesome and lay super still whilst they get some shots.

We then head into see Mr Gough and you get the giggles, you show him your awesome skills, walking and then can’t stop laughing through all your examinations.

Head here and see the amazing results.

Grayson enjoying jaffa cakes

After being such a good boy we headed to the seating area, whilst Deacon had lunch I treated to you to some of your new faves M&S Jaffa Cakes, you let me have a share with you. You enjoyed some Chuggingtons on the iPad before we headed on the long car journey back.

Grayson standing

We then headed to your Aunty Dora’s as Uncle Max was down and even Uncle Ky had decided to head over and spend the evening.

You enjoyed kicking off your shoes and enjoying walking around, showing everyone your skills and waking baby Ivy as she napped.

Grayson and his family

We then had some snuggles on the sofa, watched some In The Night Garden and drank our milk before heading home. You fell asleep in the car as it was late and transferred to bed with ease. You were a very happy chappy today and made me proud as always, I love spending days with you, I miss you so much now you are at school.

Grayson a day in the life

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