A Day In The Life of Addison – 3 Years and 3 Months

I love this little series I do on my blog, but it has been far too long since I did A Day in the life of… actually the last time for Addison was last December, today though I am sharing her last Friday, it was a little out of the ordinary as she had a day with just Mummy and Daddy as Grayson goes to my Dad and Stepmum on a Friday but this week they kindly took Deacon as well.

The day started as normal, although she was a good girl and laid in till 7am. after breakfast (2 I may add) we got washed and dressed and Addison chose to wear her new Little Bird By Jools top, it is gorgeous. We then headed to brush our teeth together as we do every morning, it is our perfect little routine, we do our hair then brush our teeth together. Today was even more fun though as we had a new toothbrush from Rockabilly to road test.

Rockabilly Toothbrush

Approved by dentists across the world the Rockabilly toothbrush is the 1st Children’s stand alone toothbrush, not only that it comes with a years worth of heads included in the packet, so you will need no other toothbrush for a whole year – genius. Addison loved the Cowboy on the front of hers, it reminds her of one of her current fave TV characters, there are 6 to choose from, she also wants the singer now so we may have to get that for the grandparents.

After we stood our toothbrush on it’s own, waved goodbye to it and “her brothers” as she calls them, we headed to the beach at Whitstable (one of my favourite towns). Addison loves the beach, but had yet not been to a pebble beach, I was so excited as I am a total beach comber and my little girl proved to be much the same.

It was a little windy but that did not deter us, she searched for shells, decorated the Jetty making shapes out of shells (independent learning or what), we danced our way up and down the beach, climbed the oversized bench and even saw a Digger!

Whitstable Beach

We took pictures, which she even agreed to and let Puppy feel the wind in his fur.

The 3 of us

It was then already lunchtime so we took a stroll to Zizzi’s, Addison learning her road sense as we went, very cleverly waiting for cars whilst holding Daddo’s hand.

Addison the worlds fussiest eater agreed to try a pasta in tomato sauce and ate over half, of course we had to say cheers and clink glasses every 2 minutes but it was lovely to eat just the 3 of us. She was super impressed that Zizzi provide small forks and spoons just like Mummies for her to eat with and she also got to colour and snack on grapes whilst we waited for our lunch.

Addison at Zizzi's

After a little walking and chatting in the rain back to the car we decided on a 1st for Addison, a game of bowling, the local alley was fully booked so she napped as we drove over to another town.

Bowling at first created some nerves but as soon as Puppy helped her with the 1st ball, which she managed to get a strike, she could not stop clapping and dancing, she insisted on using only the pink ball (12) and by turn 4 she would carry it herself, the girl has serious muscles. Then my little tomboy spotted the driving simulator on the way out and showed her goggly eyes to Daddo, they chose a pink car and came 4th in their race.

Bowling with Addison

We then headed to Sainsbury’s on the way home, of course no day out could not mean a cake stop so the Sainsbury’s cafe it was, although Addison decided on sweeties and a juice carton instead, she has such a sweetie tooth. Followed by picking up some dinner and of course a little toy, the joys of big supermarkets, surprisingly not the current fave of a new My Little Pony, but instead some little pets.

In her own words, “It was a great day”.

The Rockabilly Kids toothbrush is £6.99 available at many shops including Boots, Addison absolutely loves it and I have to say so do I, such a great price for a years supply and easy for her to hold. We were sent the toothbrush FOC for purpose of our views.

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