A Little Of What Makes You Happy

Like most parents I have only a little time for me, I am not complaining my babies will always come first but I won’t lie I would like a little more.

But one thing this past year I have come to realise is I waste a great deal of my little time, I end up getting very tired from lack of sleep and health issues and vegetate on the sofa. But this doesn’t make me happy, doing things I love make me happy, so my plan is to achieve this.

I shall be setting myself monthly goals, things that I want to do, have on my to do list but don’t get done, paint my nails more, paint that table, make a new necklace that sort of thing.

I also have been lucky enough to be offered 3 great opportunities this month which will make me do things I love and spend time doing it.

First up is Sketchbook Club. I met Jennie (the lady who invented it) back at Blogtacular, she is so lovely and incredibly talented, she sent me a free trial for Sketchbook club and although I have only managed modules one/two so far, I love it so much.


Basically she sells modules at £7 each or all for £20, you get sample sketches to work to, a video with the best instructions and become part of a community, I shall be sharing my progress over the next few months and don’t forget to check the hashtag out #sketchbookclub.

I am also very excited as Do Crafts have sent me some truly awesome pens to help me on my journey.

Wham Cook

Then the lovely people at Wham Cook contacted me and asked if I wanted to come on board as an Ambassador. It has been a long time since I started really getting my bake on, years ago pre children I was actually at one point going to open a cupcake shop, so I am super excited to start telling you about their products whilst getting my bake and cook on, Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes coming this week and a giveaway towards the end of the month.

Lastly you may or may not know the people of Make It Coats sponsored the crafts room at BritMumsLive this year, it was a great addition to BML and I myself loved the room. So many amazing tutorials and fabrics to make my heart flutter. Sewing is in my blood, but something I have only ever dabbled in, always wanting to go to the next step.

Make It Coats

Well now I can as the lovely people at Make It Coats have asked me to be an Ambassador and sent me the most beautiful pile of fabrics to get my make on. Do check out their site for so many FOC tutorials for Sewing, Knitting and Embroidery.

I am so excited to work with all 3 of these companies and for them to help me spend time widening my skills whilst having fun. Do keep coming by the blog and seeing how I get on.

How about you ? What do you do in your little time ??

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