A Meal at Frankie & Benny’s – The Review

Frankie and Benny’s is a restaurant we have visited many times over the past few years, we have found it to be very accommodating since we had children and in particular with Grayson and his wheelchair, so when we were asked to head out and review Frankie and Benny’s I was only too happy to.

I decided that Mr Innocent Charmer and I would use the voucher on our very, very, rare date afternoon without the kids, we could have a nice 3 course meal without eating cold food, or having to rush out and not have dessert.

We chose to go at 3pm in the afternoon, hoping for it to be quiet and quicker with courses as it was between meals. We were seated quickly and in fact the restaurant was quiet with only about 10 tables with people on.

We had a look at their menu’s new and existing and ordered ourselves some drinks, I treated myself to a nice G & T.

The hubby and I decided on some of our favourite starters, Chicken Goujon for me and Potato Skins for Mr Innocent Charmer. Here is unfortunately where a problem arose, we waited for over 20 minutes for Starters, to be honest this frustrated me a little as they are simple starters but the Hubby and I embraced the time to chat and giggle.

Our starters were yummy as always, I feel you do get value for money at Frankie and Benny’s, I love the Honey Mustard Dressing that comes with my Goujon, just wish I could buy some to take home.

By now I was on my 2nd G&T (oops) which was very refreshing, this made me more relaxed in again the long period of time we had to wait for our Mains, I must say I was surprised by the wait, we have been to F&B’s many many times in the past and I agree it can be one of their downfalls but never when they are quiet, I am not sure what was happening, our waitress was very attentive and I can’t complain about her as she frequently apologised and made sure we were refreshed with drinks (hubby was enjoying endless refills soft drink).

When our mains arrived my Husband’s Full Rack of Ribs was a little on the small side, my husband is not a big complainer, me on the other hand much more, he did not tell me till we had pretty much finished our meals that his Ribs were uneatable as they were cold and quite uncooked, I personally would have sent them back but he did not want to ruin our meal out.

We both agree this is a rarity for F&B’s, they tend to be some of Ashley’s favourite Ribs out of those he has had in America.

Then we treated ourselves to dessert, we never get this far through a meal usually, we both had large Sundes and polished them all off (no good for the waistline) they were very scrummy and finished the meal off nicely.

All in all we were disappointed by the time of waiting between courses, the service from the waitress was excellent, I did go on to make a complaint to the Waitress about the state of the Ribs who agreed they were not acceptable and refunded the cost of the dish, which I found to be good customer service, I just wish they had been cooked in the 1st place.

Our total meal bill after my husbands main was removed was £48.50, considering we had 3 large courses and 3 rounds of drinks I found this a decent price to pay.

We have been back to Frankie and Benny’s Westwood since with the bubba’s, we find their food great for the money, a relaxed atmosphere and usually find them a child friendly restaurant which is very important to us as we like to eat out as a family.


Disclosure – I was provided with a £50 voucher for the purposes of this review. No payment was received and all reviews are 100% honest.


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