A-z Of Me – Meme


I have been tagged by the gorgeous Cathy of Wishful Wonderings for a lovely simple Meme – basically describe yourself using each letter from the Alphabet, here goes.

A – Anxious

B – Big Breasted

C – Clumsy

D – Ditzy

E – Emotional

F – Friendly

G – Generous

H – Hardworking (Ash would say Hardwork LOL)

I – Independent (well I try to be)

J – Juggling (most of my life)

K – Kind

L – Loving

M – Mummy

N – Nosey

O – Overweight

P – Pessimistic

Q – Quirky

R – Rundown

S – Shy

T – Tiny

U – Untidy

V – Very excepting (of all people)

W – Wife

X – X-Rayed Alot (nearly every part of my body)

Y – Yo-yo mood swinger

Z – Zany

Oh now who to tag –

Sian of Fishfingers 4 Tea

Alli of Mum 2 Four

Vikki of Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey

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