Addison Is Going Back To School With Kickers

I can’t believe this time next week I will have no children at home anymore.

All three of my babies will be in school and I must say I am a little excited, well apart from the fact I still have a ton of School Shopping to do!

Thankfully Addison is shoe ready thanks to Kickers.

When I was at school all I ever wanted was Kickers, my parents used to say they were overpriced and not sure the quality was good, that was until I saved up my pocket-money and bought my first pair my second year in Secondary School.

They then went out and bought all my Siblings Kickers and from that day Kickers were all our school shoes.

My parents had realised that the quality was excellent, would easily last a year (even more if our feet didn’t change size), they were good for growing feet, supportive and perfect for my flat-footed siblings.

Even more the cost really wasn’t high.

People seem to always think Kickers are expensive but they truly are not, you are buying quality. Last year I stupidly bought Addison cheaper school shoes at £35, well within 4 months I had to go on and buy a second pair, in fact, Addison went through 3 pairs of school shoes in Year One so in the long run, I spent a great deal more.

The great thing about the Back to School Range from Kickers is the amount of choice which is not laces. Our school are very strict on no laces before a child is ready and to be honest I have to agree. School mornings are hard enough without having to tie 3 pairs of laces, independence is key and buckles and velcro allow that.

I allowed Addison to choose her Kickers and she went for the Kick Shi-Knee boots. She loves a pair of Boots especially come the colder months in school as she said her toes never get cold or wet.

I love that they are Patent Leather, they look pretty but also are more durable and easier to keep clean.

Addison loves that they are so comfy Mummy, they feel like cushions under my toes.

I am so thankful that Kickers ticked one thing off my list and shall be supporting Addison’s feet through Year 2. If like me you still have a lot to do, then check out the Kickers Back to School checklist, I am off shopping later today, wish me luck!

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