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Addison in a trolley

Addison riding in the trolley standing up for the 1st time this week


Addison since she has been born has known Grayson no different, he is normal to her, he is just Grayson. But is he ?

These past 6 weeks were they have had so much time together has seen Addison’s love for Grayson become even stronger (if that was possible). She never complains that he has control of what is on the TV, or that she can’t always get to go out as much as Grayson can’t. She knows that is how it is, as she grows these differences will cause problems at times I am sure but for now she and even then she just loves him.

As he returned from school on Friday she was excited to see him, as soon as he walked in the door she shouted “Hello Gray, did you have a nice day at school ?” Followed by “What’s your class called Gray, mine is Goslings.” She sits there and leaves a pause like he is replying to her, she doesn’t walk away when he doesn’t in her head she must answer for him as then she continues to have a conversation. This doesn’t upset him, she is the only child he really lets sit next to him, even play right on top of him, it is like he senses her love.

As their Mummy this makes my heart so proud, I honestly never thought I would see a day were they actually interact, not properly and although they really aren’t, in their special way they are and I could not be more pleased.

Right or wrong there will come a time when more explanation shall need to be given to Addison and in turn Deacon, I have no idea when that will be or how we will face it, it panics me a little, but as I watched her fetch toys, juice and even steal a pack of crisps for him this week I felt I needed to see just what she thought, not pushing but see what maybe she already had in her mind.

M : You know Grayson can’t talk don’t you Addy ?

A : Yes he can, he goes EEERRRRR (making the sound Grayson makes).

M : I giggle – Yes but he can’t talk like Addy and Mummy.

A : No Mummy cause Grayson is special

M : *smiling* That is very true Addison, why is he special ?

A : Cause he is my best friend!

M : Is he ? Is Deacon your best friend too ?

A : Nope – he is my brother, Grayson is my only best friend.

M : Do you know Grayson is a little poorly ?

A : Yep, but he is my best friend and he just sees the doctor.

M : He does, is Deacon like Grayson ?

A : Noooo (giggling) Deacon is like Mummy and Addy

I think that conversation is proof enough that the ignorance is learnt, she loves her brother no matter what, other than saying Grayson has to go to the doctor, or Grayson needs Mummy to help him we have never said another word, because to us this is normal and everyday, but Addison has learnt things on her own, all she cares is that she loves her best friend.

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