Addison Turns 2 and Half

I can not believe it! Seriously where did 2 and a half years go, I was only looking at Addison today thinking “where did that long hair come from, it wasn’t there this time last year”.

But we have made it, it has not been the easiest 2 1/2 years, but I am so thankful for my little minx. It has been a very long time since I have posted to Addison.


Dear Addy-Wads

I am sorry I have not written to you more but life is very busy, with you and your 2 brothers to bring up each day times like these 5 minutes where I get to talk to you are hard. But at least we have a great deal of them in real life. My cuddles with you in the evening before bed are some of my favourite minutes each day. You have a personality to be proud of, you are so assertive, kind and strong-willed. I never thought I would be able to embrace that but we are slowly getting there, although we still have many challenges to overcome and your large vocal now does not always help as you have learnt the words “No” and “It’s Mine”.

We had your 2 1/2 year development check this past week, you were not up to top speed as we had cut nap time short, but you showed the lady you are not to be messed with and she said you were certainly exceeding all targets, I was very proud.

You love to play and your imagination is growing each day, your love for animals is immense, I have never seen anything like it, I think you will work in a Zoo one day, if you had your way we would be at a Zoo or Farm every day of the week, you think you can pet all animals though, you asked for “cuddles with the elephants the other day”.

addison and pink horsey

Although we can not go to the Zoo or Farm everyday we make sure you do see animals most days, one advantage to living in the sticks, we have horses at the end of the garden so that helps and you have more animal toys than most kids could dream of, so we play with those all day long. You take over 30 toys to bed with you every night, we have to talk to them all before you go to sleep and read them the Christmas Story.

On that subject you have become over excited about Christmas this past month, it’s so awesome, you love the sparkly lights coming up everywhere and talk about Santa everyday, your current list to Santa is Dancing, Pirate Ship and Dinosaurs, you even won a competition over at Bambino Goodies for your Christmas list.

toy dinosaurs

Sleep much like your elder brother is definitely for the weak, 5 nights out of 7 you end up in “Mummies Bed” I know I should stop you, but I know these times won’t last forever, so I am kinda enjoying them, well apart from waking with your toes in my mouth.

Your love for Grayson has grown so much these past months, I think you understand he is different, I am not sure how but I am sure of it, you love to go sit with him and take him his chew toys, although you get very angry when he gets your toys wet. You are a little of a clean freak and can’t stand anything on your hands.

Deacon on the other hand you have good days and bad days with, I really thought you would embrace Deacon when he arrived but I don’t think you have figured out yet that you shall have such a different life with him then Grayson, although I do love catching your stolen moments with him when you are telling him stories. They are the most magical.

I can’t believe I am typing this but on Thursday you are starting nursery, it is early and it is by no means because we want to get rid of you, it is because you need it, you need to learn how to socialize and play with other boys and girls and a space has come up in one of the best in our area, on your first time there you did not want to leave, I am crossing everything this is the case, I know that this is the best thing for you, I know it will make you even more special.

I love you Pinkle, you are my best friend, my little soldier, I can’t wait to spend the next 20 years growing with you, seeing you become the little girl I know you are, you make me proud to call you your Mummy. Or Mum as you  keep calling me – yuck.




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