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This Christmas is very exciting for us, we have no idea yet where we shall be spending it and money is tighter with 3 babies and Mr Innocent Charmer loosing his job, but this is the 1st year one of my Children is actually aware of what Christmas is!

Addison shall be just over 2 1/2 this Christmas, we are already reading Christmas stories and she is ever so excited as I have promised her, her very own little tree for her bedroom as she loves sparkly lights. I am not sure she has realised that she will be getting new toys and gifts, but I have asked her what she would like Santa to bring.

She came out with a fab list, which we actually shared over at Bambino Goodies, her top 3 things were Dancing (music), a Pirate Ship and Dinosaurs, she is very obsessed at the moment.

I am loving buying toys for Addison, her play has changed so much these past months, she is very imaginative and constantly talks to her toys and they chat back, it is the cutest thing to watch. My problem shall be stopping myself buying, I have been very good and set a budget, all 3 babies shall be sharing a larger gift which is some soft play equipment to help with Grayson’s therapy and Addison’s need to climb. But what shall her little gifts be.

I was so pleased when I headed over to John Lewis to do some usual Christmas Shopping for my parents, I had not realised they price match with other large retailers, I was so pleased to see many toys I had thought about, I loved to see they also stock wooden traditional toys as well as their modern counterparts as I love to have wooden toys in our house.

These are my top 5 saved in my basket at the moment to order for Addison, do you have any suggestions for a strong-willed, animal loving, tomboy?

John Lewis Toys


Duplo My First Farm – As she loves animals and building with her lego.

Dinosaur – Of course and a bargain at £3.99

Brio Wooden Train Set – She has been talking about trains since seeing them at Nursery, so I think this would be a great gift.

John Lewis Painting Caddy Set – We have just started crafts at home and I love how this set has everything we need to start painting along with a nice case to keep tidy

Wooden Noahs Ark – As I said we love wooden toys and Addison loves Animals so I think this would be a timeless favourite.

I also found this make your own Pirate Ship, it is aimed at 4 yr olds, but I think with a little help from Mummy she would love it.

john lewis toys


So what are you buying your little ones ? I am open for suggestions, I seem to be really struggling with both boys, so if you have suggestions for toys for 6/12 mth olds please pass this way!!!


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