An Unintended Break

You may have noticed other than a few 366 posts I have been away from my blog for a little while, this was not intentional, I have a list of more posts than I can handle that are half written or started that need posting, I have a couple of great review products I need to share and my pregnancy posts are all swimming in my head, but there lies the reason for this unintended break.

When I was pregnant with both Grayson and Addison I became quite unwell, with Grayson I had day sickness and 2 chest infections all by week 12, with Addison I unfortunately got HG as well as having a 2yo with tons of hospital appointments, so both times my blog took breaks, I did however, some would say stupidly think it would be different this time.

I was wrong, the sickness has been nasty, as always and I now work 40 hrs a week with 2 small children, so god knows where I thought I would get time, what has hit me harder this pregnancy is the very draining tiredness, I never had this with the other 2 so much, even though I was dehydrated and on drips I could somehow push through, but this time nope! Due to all this and an already not very nice immune issue, I have in the past month had glandular fever, a throat infection, a chest infection, a gut infection, a kidney infection, colic and flu, yep I look and feel fab.

I am by no means better, I still can’t leave the house as I am just too weak but at least I am managing to eat and type.

So I making myself get back on my blog, I need it I think, silly it may sound but I have some major feelings whizzing around my head at the moment which are not being made any better by pregnancy hormones and other than screaming and my poor long-suffering husband I know no better way then to express them here. I hate having long to do lists so I want to get back to my blog and feel better about one area of my life at least.

I want to feel light, airy and in control by the time baby sweetpea makes her appearance (her is what I think) – I want to enjoy her first few months as I haven’t had that chance with my other 2.

So cross fingers I am back for some more fun in my little place I like to call my web home.

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