Anki OVERDRIVE – A Christmas Gift For All

When I was a kid I never forget waking up one Christmas morning to find Santa had set up and left my siblings and I a HUGE Scalextric set.

We spent all day racing each other, along with my Dad, it was family time at its best.

But come a few days later my Mom wanted her Living Room back and Scalextric was hard and time-consuming to set up so it rarely came out of the box, unless my Dad had that rare weekend day off work.


Fast forward 25 years and this weekend Addison and I headed to London to meet Anki and hear about the Anki OVERDRIVE, so what is it ?

Anki OVERDRIVE is a cross between Scalextric, Lego and Mario Kart- Anki OVERDRIVE is an intelligent battle-racing game where between 1-4 players can compete with each other or spookily clever vehicles equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

An even better modern-day version of Scalextric then ? I was so excited to really get to test it out. Ashley had met Anki at the beginning of the year and at the time said you will love it, but I wanted to see for myself.

ANKI Overdrive Event

When we arrived Addison was excited to see the cars and have a little hold, they are perfect hand sized and come in some awesome designs with cool names. She took a liking to Thermo so Anki made sure she was race ready with some flames face paint.


Then we headed to have a battle, I was really unsure if at 5 Addison would be able to play and I should not have been. The app available on IoS or Andriod (check compatibility here) is free and easy to install.

Addison and I decided on a race, once we checked out the simple few buttons on the phone we were off, it was so much fun, we giggled hard and did everything in our power to battle each others cars. As I sat their playing I literally was taken back to those memories of my Christmas morning. I could see the concentration of Addison’s face and she played like a pro. So much so she won all but one of her 7 races!!!

Anki Overdrive Review

What Did We Think?

So yes Anki OVERDRIVE gets a big tick for ease to play and fun levels but let’s be honest how easy was it to build ? I was so amazed to see how easy the track goes together, using magnets it is so simple even a child can do it. But do you want to know the best part, the track is completely flexible so you can build it anywhere in your house!  Don’t believe me check out the hashtag #AnkiOVERDRIVE on Instagram people have built monster tracks over their sofas and more.

I can honestly say I was blown away, it really is an amazing product that as I say in the title is a gift for all! The Starter Kit retails at £149.00 and yes that is not super cheap but this a gift for all the family, something that will grow with generations. The starter pack has everything you need to get going with 2 cars and the ability to build 8 different tracks.

#ANKIOVERDRIVE - find out why this is the toy everyone will want for Christmas

Anki promises continuous software updates so gameplay stays fresh and if you have cars from the older Anki DRIVE system they can be used.

Before we left Addison made sure to speak to Santa and tell him she would love an Anki OVERDRIVE on Christmas morning, I quote “Daddo would love to play with me and my Brother Deacon would love the Trucks”.


*We did receive reimbursement for costs involved with attending the event but all views are genuine and our own.

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