Annabel Karmel Baby Food Review

We in the Innocent Charms Chats household love Annabel Karmel products, we use our stackable pots daily for Addison’s meals and trips out and about, Addison and Grayson both finish off a packet of her Rice Cake snacks in minutes, so when they contacted us to ask our opinions on Annabel’s new Organic Baby Purees Sachets we of course said, Yes Please!

Annabel’s description

These pouches are perfect for busy mums and dads who don’t always have time to cook from scratch or for those that feel unsure of how to start introducing meat to their baby’s diet. This range is packed full of flavour and the important sources of iron and essential fatty acids babies can’t get from just fruit and vegetable purees. “Parents often think that the blander the better for babies, but you will be surprised by what they enjoy!” says Annabel Karmel.

Tested extensively on babies (and their parents!), the taste of natural, home cooked food, allow babies to develop healthy eating habits early in life and helps them make the transition to family food and avoid fussy eaters.

What I love is how Annabel has made these non bland meals that you would cook at home, I can honestly say both my babies although fussy eaters in terms of textures both choose stronger flavoured meals over bland vegetables. Addison happily enjoys a blended Korma and Grayson eats Caribbean Pork everyday.

We were sent 2 sachets to try out and first impressions, I loved they were foil packed for freshness, I tend to try to buy only organic baby food where I can so I was pleased these were.

In terms of taste I was amazed, I always taste my kiddies food before feeding it to them, I personally think this is very important as a parent, 1st Addison tried the “Lovely Lentils and Tomato” great to see a veggie choice, I was amazed at how strong the flavours were on this meal, Addy was taken back with the 1st couple of spoons but then went on to enjoy, Annabel’s meals are recommended from 6 months, although Addison is 14 mths we are still having feeding issues with her, I was pleased these were not like some other brands stage 1 purees which are for my liking too watery, this had consistency but no lumps, it felt like a puree I had made.

Grayson also polished off his sachet quite well, “Scrumptious Salmon & Sweet Potato”, I was so pleased they sent me this option, Grayson loves fish meals and they are so hard to come by in pre made baby food, Grayson is still purred fed due to his disabilities, Grayson is quite fussy with his meals and tends to stick to the same ones most days, we had tried Annabel Karmel’s fresh baby food when it was on the shelves last year and he had then taken to the fish so I had hoped this would be the same and indeed it was, I personally did not try this one as I hate Fish, but Ash had a spoonful and said it really was lovely.

So we all in all are very pleased with the food, there are currently 7 choices to choose from “Sunday Best Roast Chicken, Cosy Cottage Pie, Scrumptious Salmon & Sweet Potato, Lovely Lentils & Tomato, Tasty Chicken & Butternut Squash, Fruity Apple, Pear & Blueberry”   available in Sainsbury’s and later this month Tesco for £1.49 a sachet, this is a little pricier than it’s counterparts, but I must say the sachets are also a little larger and for younger babies would probably stretch to 2 meals.

Disclosure – We were sent 2 sachets FOC for purpose of a review which was not paid for and our opinions are 100% honest.

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