>Apology and an Award

I would like to say a BIG sorry to Mandi of Jewellery Craft for giving me this sweet, gorgeous award a while back and me not been gracious to receive it. I know she totally understands why so of course you get it back and then I have to award to 5 other amazing friends that make me feel as special as Mandi has for taking the time to give me the award.

1. Laura of Katydiddy designs, what can I say I feel like she is my best friend in the world and we have never had the pleasure of meeting, as a mother to be she is a huge inspiration you only have to look at her latest post to see the wonderful world she creates for her daughter.

2. Christine of My Bella Colle, to you my talented dear friend for so many reasons, for making me feel so special since I started the world of blogging, for your lovely little emails just checking I am ok and for the amazing ideas and goodies I have received off of you.

3. Brandi of Catie Blues, totally selfish reason cause she made me feel special, the delight full Brandi made some earrings which she named after me, I know I am famous and then when she found I was expecting she sent them as a gift to make me feel special, she truly made my month and she is such a kind lady.

4. Shann of Paint Mine Pink, my chickoree, the aussie aunty to be (lol) is such a sweet lady, just check out her blog and you will see why I think she is one of the nicest and kindest people in the world.

Oh now this is hard I have so many dear blog buddies who mean so much, ok Kara pick a 5th…

5. Monica of Monica Crowe, we have only recently started chatting but she always inspires me, every time I pass by her way or she mine she makes me smile with her words. What more must I say.

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