Autumn Is Coming, Jamie Oliver and Finding My Mojo #LittleLoves

I am finally back with a #LittleLoves post, it is my joint favourite Linky to be a part of and I have missed it so much. I am hoping to get back on track, find my mojo and share what I have been loving. This week it is all about embracing the change that comes with Autumn…


Well the book reading still isn’t taking place. I have come to the conclusion that my brain is just too tired for the books I keep picking, so I am after recommendations for easy to read books to get back into a rhythm. Maybe some young adult books.

But in the evenings with my Cuppa I have been enjoying Jamie Oliver’s new 5 Ingredients book.

We loved the show so when we saw the book half price we treated ourselves, I am thinking the Sausage Pasta will be my first make.


I have been watching far too much TV, whenever I am exhausted it happens as everything else in the evenings seems too much like hard work.

One show in particular I really think everyone should watch is ATypical on Netflix.

It really is an honest portrayal of living with Autism, I felt it showed Autism in a true light, well for what I know of it in my everyday life.


I have had little opportunity to make anything this past week (very sadly) as I have been making progress on the behind of the blog. The new logo is up, hope you like it ? I have also been sorting all the categories so you can search to read one type of post on my blog (using the link bar).


With Autumn weather here I really need to change my wardrobe but at the moment my budget isn’t allowing that. So this week I took one of my Summer Maxi Dresses and added a pair of my favourite boots.

I quite like the look, now I just need to get some tights to wear underneath. How about you all, have you been changing up your Summer wardrobe?


Non stop Autumn chatter and singing, which I have to say I quite like as it’s my favourite season.

In particular it was lovely going to Addison’s Harvest Festival this week and listening to her sing about Conkers. I think like me it is soon becoming her favourite season as she loves crafting with things from nature.

And Lastly

I am really hoping to restore my inner mojo, the past month or more has been dreadful online as a whole and I have really missed taking photos.

I am booked into a couple of creative workshops in November so hoping they ignite my excitement again, but if you have any tips on things to go looking to photograph as well I appreciate it.


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