>Baby Blues or Baby Number 2 ?

I turned 33 weeks pregnant yesterday, as you can see from the picture above my bump has got rather large, I have had some concerns this pregnancy with a bleed and blood flow issues for our little girl but luckily they have all stabilised at the moment.

I see my Ob-Gyn every couple of weeks and they still keep saying they think Addison (new baby) shall probably come early, this is where the baby blues hit I think?
By this point with Grayson, I had the nursery decorated, furniture built, clothes washed and hanging ready for his arrival and a hospital bag by the front door – this time not so good. At 1st I thought it was just cause we moved this past month and alot is still boxed but now I am starting to panic a little.
I have the obvious like a cot/bath supplies/nappies etc but apart from that she has nothing, I always thought if this baby turned out to be a girl I would have hundreds of clothes as I wouldn’t stop buying as would everyone else but it just doesn’t seem to be the case.
I know if I go into labour tomorrow I can quickly chuck some bits in a bag and we will cope just fine, we have enough family that they would rally round but part of me feels I am letting Addison down by not putting the same care and attention into her as I did when expecting Grayson.
I am sure its just the hormones and I shall finally pick up the mood and get things sorted, I know when she arrives I shall love her more than life itself just as I do her gorgeous Big Brother.
Thanks for listening to my concerns, love to all.

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