Back In Time, Looking At Grayson’s Nursery Decor

I am not sure if it was the New Year, or that Grayson turned 8 yesterday after us thinking that would not happen but it got me looking back at life over the last 10 years.

Back when Grayson was born we rented a lovely little house from family, it was such a lovely home that we had made our own and when I knew Grayson was a boy I got to decorate a nursery, painted walls and all.

So I thought I would share it with you all, with the budget being tight and maybe now a little dated, his nursery has inspired many and has over £10k of likes on Flickr when that was the in place before Instagram.

8 years ago all boys nurseries were very much still pale baby blue. I really want not keen, never even buying him a baby blue outfit (kind of lucky with his jaundice), so my Mom had the bedding set sent over from America and I loved the darker tones.

Boys Nursery with Green and Red Decor from Innocent Charms Chats

I picked out the moss-green colour from the bedding to paint the walls and knew I wanted to paint a tree above his cot. I wanted it to symbolise growth and protection over my new baby boy. It also reminded me so much of happy memories as a teenager I would sit under the trees in our garden reading a book.

At first I wanted to use wallpaper to make the leaves, which were simply stuck on with tape, but we ended up using Scrapbook papers as they were a lot cheaper. I tried to pick out colours from the different fabrics used in the room.

Boys Nursery with beautiful tree moral using wallpaper leaves from Innocent Charms Chats

We went for simple white furniture, having a mini sleigh cot and changing station. I had always wanted a rocking chair in their too for night feeds but the budget never stretched that far and the other half of the room housed our old futon for guests so that worked.


I left it very simple with just a couple of important toys and no wall art (very different to me now).


Even then I never shied away from a Upcycle

When I look at this space I feel so happy, we actually only ended up living there till Grayson was 6 months old as his health meant us moving but it was his first room that  we had created for him to feel comforted and cared for.


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