Bandanna Bib’s – Just a Gimmick ???

When I had Grayson I had heard of Bandanna Style Bibs, only in shops and thought they were just a very expensive con.

When Grayson was about a 1 and a half and still teething terribly I always had at least one bib on him, I used to constantly complain to friends and family how ugly they made pictures look.

Gorgeous Picture Ruined By Ugly Bib

So a couple of months later one day whilst shopping in Sainsbury’s my Mom decided to buy Grayson a Bandanna Bib, we argued in the shop about it, it was £7 and I thought that was obscene, I said to Mom I thought they were just a gimmick and not to waste her money, but of course she didn’t listen and I am very grateful she didn’t.

I have never turned back, I was forever washing the one Bandanna Bib, so that Grayson had it to wear.

The Original Dribble Bib that changed my mind a year on

Why I hear you cry ? Simply all that money I and family had spent on gorgeous clothes for Grayson could now be seen, they no longer were hidden by some bib from Asda with orange food stains.

Second to that dribble bibs do exactly what they are supposed to, catch a ton of dribble and don’t seep through to bubba’s clothes or cause rashes.

So why this post, well I just wish someone had told me about dribble bibs when I had been pregnant with Grayson, Addison has been in dribble bibs since a few months old, they look good on her and don’t hide her pretty clothes, plus they really are cute.

I am so pleased now though to have found many online suppliers of Bandanna Bibs, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets still do sell the Bandanna Bib I first bought, they are still just too expensive, but in all honestly we are still using that one 2 years later. But with the rise of online suppliers and Mumpreneurs making gorgeous handmade ones you have so much choice, one for every outfit.

So I thought I would quickly share some of my favourite suppliers, below are companies we have Bandanna Bibs from and use on a daily basis.


Funky Giraffe Bibs

It’s a Bibble

Painted Ghost

Tamsin’s Toys


I can vouch for great quality from all these companies. We shall be using Bandanna Bibs for many more years, luckily some companies now know that Special Needs Children tend to dribble so have now made larger Bibs for children like Grayson, I think you can agree from the pic’s they really aren’t a gimmick and do look better with an outfit.

This post is NOT been sponsored, I just felt the need to share as a Mummy who uses them regularly.

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