BEAR Aplhabites Cereal Review

Cereal is my favourite food type, no kidding I will happily eat a bowl of cereal 3 times a day and my little Addison follows in her Mummy’s footsteps. So we were very excited when BEAR contacted us about trying their new cereal BEAR Alphabites.

I had never heard of BEAR before, which I can not understand, but am glad they were brought to my attention. As an award-winning company they already make many yummy fruit treats and healthy snacks for adults and children alike and they decided after years of planning they now had a yummy cereal to add to their product line.

Hayley Gait-Golding BEAR‘s Founder explains

We created Alphabites because we wanted to span the divide between Mums’ desire to give their kids a healthy start to the day, and a product that kids would really want. You’re going to struggle to find a better breakfast for any child than a good old bowl of porridge, but the reality is that they don’t always see it that way. We wanted to create a solution to this that would tick both boxes.

She is so right, Addison will not touch porridge, not for want of us trying, I think it’s the texture, but BEAR cereal excited her so much that before I could even get a bowl, spoon and milk her hands were in the box and she was chewing away. I decided to join in and see why and I must say they are scrummy.

Alphabite Cereal Review

The best thing of all, as a Mummy, there are NO ADDED SUGAR OR SALT and they are sweet and tasty, I can hear you wondering how is this the case, secret ingredient Coconut Nectar, they use it to sweeten the cereal and it means there is no need for sugars. Genius.

The cereal comes in 2 flavours Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain, both Addison and I prefer the Cocoa, I think we like the fact the milk goes brown, they don’t have the problem of going soggy either too, which is important in our house, as I am usually eating my cereal whilst feeding 3 kids and Addison is not a quick little minx so it’s nice to still have a crisp.

Cocoa Multigrain BEAR Cereal

I think BEAR made them all the more fun by designing them as Alphabites, we tend to have the cereal as a snack during the day too with raisins and Addison loves to spell her name, I like the fact that it helps to teach her whilst she eats.

Each of the packs takes kids on an adventure into a particular theme, focused on an individual cereal letters so S is for Space, P is for Pirates, I is for Insects etc. There are eight individually illustrated back of packs that allow kids to delve into the worlds of intergalactic space travel, the perilous seas of Pirates or the deep waters of the world’s oceans. The remaining 18 letters of the BEAR’s Alphabet will roll out over the next 12 months.

We have since started buying BEAR’s Fruit Paws which are great for out and about snacks, Addison loves them as much as sweeties, which is no small feat. All BEAR products including the Alphabites can be found in Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods and I have picked them up at Sainsbury’s.

I have to say BEAR did a fantastic job in sending a beautiful fun package out for Addison and I to enjoy, nice to see a personalised touch, although this was awesome it did not change our opinion and that is we 100% love the cereal and we hope they start stocking in more Supermarkets shortly.

alphabite cereal review


Check out my YouTube Channel for a short video of Addison enjoying BEAR Alphabites.

Disclosure – We were sent 2 boxes of cereal FOC for purpose of the review.

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