Beauty Products And Tips For Busy Mums

Some may call me shallow but there is nothing I love more than beautifying myself.

As a busy Mum to 3 with little to no “me time” it is so important in making me feel happier inside and out.

We all love that feeling of looking good, especially when someone comments as such and being a Mum doesn’t make that go away, in fact for many of us and most certainly me we crave it even more, it would mean that maybe then I don’t look like I have had 2 hours sleep and 10 minutes to get ready.

But as a busy Mum there is not a lot of time to do my hair, paint my nails or have that whole evening of pampering.

Over the years I have learnt little tips and found products which I think not only make me feel (and look) better on the outside but also help me to feel better inside too and it would seem I am not alone as when I started this post I asked other Mums for their little tips to share with you and I have 8 below…

Red Lips

This one is not for the faint hearted, as so many people feel a red lip catches too much attention, but without a shadow of a doubt it will always make you look more put together. You just need to find the right shade, my top tip go into shops and try them, I assure you you will find one.

Beauty hacks and tips for busy Mums from Kara Janelle

My go to is always The Body Shop’s Matte Lips in Havana Red.

Nails Being Done

Mel from Le Coin De Mel told me always have your nails done (for you if you can afford it).

“No matter how rough I look, I always feel good if I have nicely done nails.”

I have to agree, nothing better than pretty hands on show.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser

Finding a product that has several uses can becomes a holly grail for Mums.

10 Beauty Hacks and must have products for busy Mums who want to feel and loo good.

Molly J Forbes told me about Embryolisse Lait-Creme,  named a 6 in 1 product she shared how great it was making her skin feel on Insta, when I asked what else she loved

“I love that it’s a primer and a mask too. More bang for your buck!”

I have ordered it after Molly shared, I will most certainly let you know how I get on over on Insta.


Eyebrows and keeping them groomed was not only on my list but also two other Mums.

Beauty hacks and tips for busy Mums from Kara Janelle

Sophie from Soph Obsessed said

“I can literally be make up free and hair in a Mum bun but if I have eyebrows on I can conquer the word”.

Microblading was Catherine’s from Rock and Roll Pussycat game changer,

“no trying to make eyebrows look even whilst I am tired and can’t see”.

Eyebrows for me frame your face, if they are unruly they give an unkept impression.

Dry Shampoo

I think most of you will already hail it product of the gods, but in case you don’t Caro from The Twinkle Diaries explains…

Beauty hacks, tips and must have products for busy Mums from Kara Janelle

”Adds volume, smells lush and sorts out my barnet when I have not had time to wash it.”

Plus lets be honest Dry Shampoo hair always styles better.

Coconut Oil

This was a new tip for me and reason why I loved putting this post together.

Coconut Oil costs from £2 and Lucy from The Parent Game Blog shares how it has endless beauty uses…

”It deals with frizzy hair, very dry skin, even eczema, cheap and quick to apply. If I have been busy and haven’t had chance to look after my skin, I slap a load on my face before going to sleep and it seems much fresher and cared for in the morning.”

And all natural!

Beauty hacks and tips for busy Mums from Kara Janelle

Carissa_Natalie_ also agrees check out her Insta for more gorgeousness like this photo

Tinted Moisturiser

Another holy grail product for most Mums as a time saver and 2 product in one.

Beth from Twinderelmo says…

Kills two birds with one stone and also makes me look a little bit human after broken sleep. Just slap it on and go! I love the maybelline ones

Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery

This product is what made me fall in love with Percy and Reed products. After receiving a mini size in a gift set last year I have now replaced it with a super size tube and have one in the drawer for when it runs out.

As someone who dyes/bleaches my hair a lot you would think my hair is in really bad condition but actually its not. A reason for this is good genes, but also because I really try to look out for my hair.

Beauty hacks, tips and must have products for busy Mums from Kara Janelle

I have always washed my hair every other day if I can allowing natural oils to work, I also always condition, but this means more time in the shower, this is where this product is a game changer.

You apply it to dry hair just before bed, within a few seconds you can not feel it and you get no damage to bedding. Overnight it deep conditions and nourishes your hair and the next day you simply Shampoo, no need for conditioner and boom the super soft beautiful hair and you cut out conditioning in the shower – so time saver!

So there are 8 products, hacks and tips. Let me know if you agree or if you put any to the test.

I have plenty more to share with you so come back next month for some more and if you have a product or tip you think I should share then please drop me an email or DM over at Instagram where every week I feature my self care products.

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