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Nu Skin UK Blogger Event London

Back in August I spent a great afternoon/evening with not only one of my blogging besties Charlotte but also with the awesome people of Nu Skin.

I had heard of Nu Skin before but never had the pleasure of using their products. After arriving into St Pancras I was picked up by literally the funniest taxi driver in London in a Nu Skin cab and taken to their pop up shop just off Oxford Street.

Nu Skin had invited us to hear all about their new AgeLoc 3 step products and the Galvanic Spa machine/treatment. Although at present ageing is not something I am hugely concerned about I can not lie, I have certainly in the last year noticed my skin is not what it used to be and I know as I start heading towards my mid 30’s I should make a start in trying to help my skin.

Nu Skin Beauty Blogger Event

We were given a short presentation about Nu Skin, they are one of the leaders in the Beauty and Skincare industry with over 25 years experience. What is different about Nu Skin is they use the science, they have a team of of over 75 scientists who study, research and produce products that will genuinely make your skin look younger, using some of the most beautiful botanicals and ingredients which will nourish your skin.

Our research focuses on why some people look older or younger for their age, and the great news is that you don’t have to be born with good genes to keep your skin looking young.

Helen Knaggs – Vice President


I can not tell you how pleased I was to hear this, although my family have quite good genes. We were shown the new AgeLoc products as well as some Epoch skincare (which will be shown on the blog at a later date) – then after showing us the products it was time to get using.


Nu Skin treated us to a use of their Galvanic Spa machine, the machine is certainly on my Xmas list, it is like having a facial at home and can be done all in under 10 minutes, perfect for a busy Mum. The machine is really clever and works on the same concept as magnets, instead of me trying to explain howto use it, here is how Nu Skin.

Cosmetic galvanic treatments use the basic principles that like charges repel each other and
opposites attract – similar to magnetic poles. Simple product formulations can contain key
ingredients, which carry a positive or negative charge. A galvanic instrument can also be set to
have the same charge as the product. The repelling of like charges “pushes” the product into the
skin, facilitating the delivery of key ingredients.


It was a funny feeling as you use it, I had a slight tingling, but not uncomfortable, some people felt nothing at all, afterwards my skin felt amazing, as if you had a peel on your skin. My friend Charlotte from What Lottie Loves has been testing the Spa out at home, she has been having noticeable changes to her skin.

Nu Skin then treated us to makeovers and a professional photo shoot, told you they were awesome, I love having any form of beauty treatments and my make up looked amazing. Having photos taken though is not a thing I love, but I tried to embrace it and Gemma the photographer was really easy to work with, Mr Innocent Charmer was pleased with the end results, I have to say my skin and makeup looks awesome.

nu skin anti ageing

So have any of you used Nu Skin products before ? If not have you thought about Anti Ageing products ? Do come back to find out how I have got on with the AgeLoc system, I shall be trailing it over the next few weeks for a full review. If you have any questions do let me know.


Disclosure – I was treated to a makeover and products from NuSkin. 

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