Being Brave, Gousto Box and Funky Glasses / Little Loves

As we approach May I am hugely shocked how quick this year is going. It is not a lie that as you get older time moves so quickly.

The end of April marks months of celebrations for us, with Birthdays every month up to the Summer holidays so it was nice to have one last week of not much, well other than some me time, check out what I have been loving…


I have been reading Creative Challenges. I took a massive leap and headed to a local farm for a photo walk with Love Your Camera

This year I am challenging my anxiety by going out and enjoying new experiences and I am so pleased I did. It allowed me to meet new local bloggers and take photos for different reasons. I shall be sharing a full post on my photo walk this week.


13 Reasons Why! You know I love to binge watch a Netflix series and this one is brilliant. As someone who was personally effected by teenage suicide, it is a subject I think that should be highlighted. 

I just hope it doesn’t have a negative effect and that people watch it at the correct age.


Some new dinner recipes. I found a discount code for a Gousto box to be sent out for £10 for 3 meals. So this week we have tried it out. The meals were all things that we would eat but certainly cooked in different ways. I love how it breaks up the everyday routine meals.

I am thinking of putting a post together comparing Hello Fresh and Gousto, as we have paid for both boxes so I think it maybe interesting for people to read a comparison.


Ever since buying Converse for our wedding renewal back in 2014 they have become one of my favourite trainer choices. Due to medical problems, I have to now wear flats full-time (never thought I would see that day). I currently have 4 pairs of Con’s, these Rose Gold and Peach ones from the nude range are my faves. 

But I am in decision mode on which colour to get for my trip to Manchester in a few weeks. I have tried some rose gold, gold, pale blue and amazing black sequins ones and just can not decide. What would you choose ??



So many giggles from these two over glasses. Addison received these plastic heart glasses in a party bag at the weekend and they have not come off since she even wore them to bed. Deacon in response has been wearing his sunnies in all weathers (we have had so much rain). They also like to dance whilst wearing them. Being a kid is so much fun.

And Lastly

It has been a manic week here with several hospital appointments, it has meant my creative challenge has fallen by the wayside but I am not giving up, I shall just add to my 100 days. I have so many ideas ready for next week. 

I realised how important the challenge really is to me as I completed a post on my 10 things that make me happy. It’s a great post to write as it really reminds you to take a step back and look at life and what is important.


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