>Big Busy Birthday Weekend


For my little sister Shannon, she turned 23 on Friday and we went out Friday/Sat and Sunday (really helped the 6 week challenge :*((()
anyway we had some great fun, the pictures here show the Friday Night Dinner at a local restaurant with my Dad, Saturday night for the first time ever all of my siblings and partners went out to a couple of Pubs/Bars for the night, this is quite an achievement as I never go out, I didn’t drink and drove and they were all very merry especially my baby brother (what a loud mouth), I took them all home for 11.15pm then they continued at home playing the WI.

Sunday we went to my Mom’s for a Mexican Feast, I do have piccy’s of both the other days but forgot to bring them to work, duh, my Mom made my sister and American cake, she always does and the boys did all my moms house chores.

So as I said I have not had a fantastic weekend for the diet but I am back on track today and unfortunately due to time only done the exercise challenge twice out of 4 days but it was high octane with spinning one time (hell on earth I still hurt).
Here is some of my boring lunch and breakfast to date.

I also tried a recipe I saw on Shanna’s blog for Banana Muffins and thought I would make some for my sister’s birthday, what a disaster, they looked great but tasted horrible, well hubby says not bad but he eats anything sweet, I love baking and can only assume it was the changing of measurements to English from American, but I am going to try baking something else this weekend if I get chance. But hey I am pretty busy now till December.

Now if your still reading, I managed this weekend to take in a couple of Necklaces I made for my hairdresser with some old beads she had lying around, only brief was long.

Last but not least my dear Australian Blog Pal the gorgeous Shannon (LOL SAME NAME AS MY SISTER) tagged me 7 Random Things about me, I am sure you are all bored of hearing about me by now, but he goes.

1.I work for my family and hate it, I have worked with my Hubby since 5 months before we even started going out, he has always worked under me (LOL) and it has never been an issue not even one fight, but I also work with my Dad, Aunt’s, Uncle, Brother and Grandparent and hate it, we argue constantly, it has caused major rifts and you don’t get treated better, I am lowest paid so don’t believe it, I went once cause it was so bad but after 3 years away my brain numbed to how bad and I came back.

2.My primary school (for Americans elementary well until we are 11) was one of the smallest in Britain it had total 60 kids when I left and 4 of them were my family. I loved it, everyone lived near each other and we all got on, I then went to the biggest secondary (high school) in the County with over 1500 pupils a massive change for me.

3.Up until I was 14 my dad would not let me cut my hair and it came down to my knees, then slowly when he was not looking I would cut and inch of a month until it came down to my back, then when I was 20 I shaved my head and have never been able to get long hair since.

4.When I was a young kid, I mean no older than 8, I was in love with David Haselhof when he was in Knight Rider, I don’t like him anymore but love the show.

5.I hate my belly button being touched, I mean it makes me heave, strange I know, but even stranger, when I was in my teens I had my belly button pierced and that didn’t bother me, although I ripped it clean out when I was 22 and now have no skin there. Ugh !

6.I love the rain, I love to lay in bed and night and hear the rain, its one of the only things that can send me to sleep at night, unless I am a passenger in a car.
I also love to stand out in the rain I find it refreshing.

7.I know I have told you all before that I am super short at 5ft 2in and shrinking but I never realised out of that 5ft2 how short my legs are, a petite leg is 29 inches they only just fit, to be honest can be a bit long, so how freakishly long must my body be.

Any who I think I have truly bored you all quite enough today, I have mailed out my Vintage Halloween Swap this weekend, but I think you have seen enough pictures for one day, plus Dawn maybe sneaking past and we don’t want to ruin it, so expect them this week.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

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