Birthday Gin Cocktails

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The Husband and I have been in need of some us time for so so long, my Birthday was last Friday and we had plans to head off to London for the weekend, it was looking slim we would go as Grayson got a sickness bug but thankfully he perked up Friday morning so on Saturday we headed to the Big Smoke.

We knew when we had made plans for the weekend away that we didn’t want to head out to some fancy restaurant, we wanted to enjoy our lovely hotel room in comfort, we wanted to get in a ton of naughty food and enjoy no pressure chats and films etc.

We also knew we wanted to enjoy some drinks, I haven’t had a drink since before I got pregnant, Gin is my drink of choice, so when Collective Bias asked me to try out Bombay Sapphire I was very willing, I have never had it before and I am so glad I have now.

I headed to twitter and asked my followers if they had any cocktail suggestions, a few came back with Tom Collins and as it was sugar and lemon based I was definite I would try this one, otherwise I just thought I would see what took my fancy when we headed to Waitrose and M & S to buy our supplies.

bombay sapphire #shop

So as we got in our PJ’s, snacked on chocolates the Hubby and I started to shake up some delights, we started with the Tom Collins, I bought some lovely hand squeezed Lemon Juice as well as using real lemons, big tip though I was having a “tired Mummy” moment and put the soda water in the cocktail shaker, so the hotel walls had a drop of Tom Collins to start.

tom collins cocktail #shop

I also decided to sugar line the top of the glass, this is something I have always wanted to do, I didn’t do a fantastic job, but I think it looked the part and gave a lovely sweet after taste on your lips once the warm sharp lemon cocktail had been drunk.

We borrowed my Step-Mums cocktail glasses, but I have now added some to my Christmas list as I really enjoyed drinking from them.

bombay sapphire #shop

I then found some lovely Raspberry and Lemon Soda whilst in M&S, I had known from my friend Charlotte’s Blog, that Raspberry and Gin go lovely together so I thought I would buy it and make up my own recipe. (Plus I loved the bottle)

bombay sapphire #shop


  • 2 Shots of Bombay Sapphire
  • Juice 1/2 lemon
  • Spoon of Caster Sugar
  • Crushed Ice
  • Fill with Raspberry and Lemon Soda
  • Glass topped with a Strawberry and Lemon

I have no idea what I shall call this drink, but it was delicious, a little stronger than the Tom Collins (think I needed to add more Gin to that one) with a nice sweet taste, not as sharp. I cheekily towards the end dipped my strawberry in the glass, yummy.

drinking bombay sapphire #shop

Yes I am in fancy PJ’s – lol

The evening just made me realise how much fun you can have at home making cocktails and they are not just for flash nights out in a bar, I have already started a Pinterest board with more Gin Cocktail recipes to try out with the rest of my bottle of Bombay Sapphire over Christmas, I am loving the idea of a Strawberry recipe because who doesn’t love a Strawberry.

bombay sapphire cocktails #shop

Nothing sexier than Red lipstick on a Cocktail Glass!!

If you have any recipe suggestions, or a fab name I can give my cocktail let me know. But I am a total Bombay Sapphire convert, it is by far the nicest Gin I have ever tasted, so smooth and warming, perfect for these winter evenings.


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