Blog Break – well has been and probably will be

Hello All

Firstly massive apologies, without even saying anything I have I suppose been taking a blog break, this was totally not planned and I have not even enjoyed it, I miss so much blogging, I miss crafting, I miss making jewellery, but with the impending birth of my first son (for those who don’t know his name is chosen) Grayson Quinn Max Spencer I seem to have no time or energy, I was not prepared for how much it would change my life before he was even born, I am always totally busy, if I am not I am tired, my health is back on track, in fact my doctor said only yesterday I need to slow down as I am one of the healthiest and full on beans 32 week pregnant ladies she had seen in some time.

So I am going to be honest, I am not going to make false promises, as much as I hope I shall start blogging again, I just don’t think I will have the time, I am not giving up work you see so I am incredibly busy, I am going to try and visit blogs and make the occasional post but who knows.
But to all my dear friends and any followers if they exist please I will be back in the New Year I am sure of it, please don’t leave.
Anyway all the apologies over there are a couple of things I want to show you…

Firstly here are some 3d piccy’s of my son to be, some he looks a little strange in but I like the bottom left.

I finally got a tiny bit of crafting in, I made my Mom a very basic Xmas card.

Finally here are a couple of raw piccy’s from my baby shower (my Mom and Sister threw me one) please bear in mind you gorgeous Americans these are unheard of in the UK, so it may seem a bit basic but it was fun.


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