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If anyone ever trys to tell me my blog friends aren’t really friends just people you chat to on the Internet I become very angry and posts like this one only prove this is utter tosh. My Blog friends – hopefully you know who you are, are some of the dearest people in my life, they have helped me through some awful times in the past year and also some of the best, they build my confidence when I am down, they listen to my self doubt and they just send card and emails just to say Hi, please people tell me how these aren’t real friends.

More recently with the arrival of my first baby the gorgeous Grayson (the duke) I have been shown even more how my Blogger babes and friends are truly that, not only did they throw me the most amazing Blog Baby Shower with gifts and great times, but the other day when I was feeling a little down and poorly (with food poisoning) look what I opened the door too, yes a GIGANTIC great parcel from the gorgeous Christine, full with the most amazing clothes, toys and gifts for my little boy, I cried literally for about an hour at the sheer amazing-ness of it all, a lady I have never met in flesh did all this for me and my son, I don’t think words can express how much this truly touched me, I then spent the next half hour crying on the phone to my hubby, my Mom and who ever else would listen about how wonderful the blog community is and how without doubt I need to save the money to visit my dear friends.

So I thought I would share pictures of the lovely gifts and along with all the great gear for Grayson there was this lovely handmade charm Necklace for me, I honestly can not take it off I love it.

Oh I don’t want to forget to say thanks to Monica too as you see the piccy in the top left is of gifts from her, you were so right Chica they are so me, I swear you are in my brain, that and you have the most amazing style.

So to all and you know who you are – thanks for your kindness and friendship, my life can be very hard but I know I have you and for that I am thankful everyday, ladies go spread the blog community love, its whats important.

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