Blog Hiatus And Seeing In Spring

I can not believe it has been nearly 2 weeks since I last posted.. It was not an intentional break, I have a lot to share with you, I have missed Corners of my Home (coming this weekend) and so much more in between. Basically it started with Grayson’s seizures taking a turn for the worse, Addison breaking her elbow and then the mother of all stomach bugs, it saw vomiting from all 5 of us from Thursday 24th till only a few days ago! No lies just hellish.

We barely managed any Easter fun other than a trip out on the Monday for a Supersized family dinner for my Dad turning 60, thankfully I was last to catch the bug so whilst I lay in my sick-bed Ashley managed to get the kids out to the Zoo for a day.


All in all not a great start to the Easter Holidays or in fact one of my favourite seasons Spring.

I love Spring, with Autumn they are my joint favourites, Summer doesn’t do it for me as I am allergic to the Sun (crazy but true) and I hate Snow, so these 2 seasons are the best, Autumn is for me the beautiful season and Spring – well it is the Pretty Season!

I am all about the Pastels, pretty florals/flowers, lighter evenings and a bright sun with a crisp air.

I love the idea of getting out, sitting in the garden just listening to the sounds around me and clearing my mind (with the aid of hay fever tablets and a nice Lemonade).

So here is to us all feeling healthy, starting the packing (moving in June), getting ready for the onslaught of major hospital stays (for the Superhero), Birthday Parties (for the younger 2) and enjoying some time out and about to make it all better!

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