Blogging And It’s Benefits

Blogging has brought many benefits to my life, when I started blogging over 8 years ago it was to discuss my love of crafts and to share my new love of Jewellery making. I didn’t really now any UK bloggers, let alone any in my local area and mainly spoke to Americans. I met some amazing ladies, some I will have as friends for life, Laura become a close confident as did Christine and we still chat at least once a week on Facebook. But once children came for me the chances of ever getting to the states to visit my amazing friends looked unlikely.

Blogging took a turn for me, I found it hard to keep up with Grayson being poorly, I joined twitter and then the world of the UK Parenting Blogger network came into my life, I started meeting more and more lovely ladies online, people whose lives were not much different from my own, who supported me and I became friends with. But still visiting became difficult as travelling with by then 2 small children is not always possible.
When I was introduced to Bex at an event in London we realised we only lived 30/40 mins from each other, not only that, Becky’s eldest son was only a couple of months younger than Addison. We chatted online, read one another’s blogs but as usual busy lives meant we never got to meet up. Then Becky, Lucy, Katie and I all planned to meet at Kiddicare Lakeside at the beginning of the year, it was fab the kids played, we chatted and ate cake (of course).
We planned to meet up again but then Becky’s little boy ended up in hospital, I had a baby and life got busy. Becky and her youngest did come over to Deacon’s Welcome to The World party which was lovely, but we still didn’t get much time.
So 2 weeks ago we set a date, we were going to get the youngest babies together now Grayson was in school, let them burn off some energy whilst we got to have a good natter and eat cake.
deacon in the ergo carrier
Last week we managed it, I headed to meet Becky in a local Garden Centre that has a nice little cafe with soft play area for under 5’s. I was panicked, I had never attempted going out on my own with the youngest 2 before, especially as I can find Addison so hard to handle, but I need not have worried, my little minx was an angel.
archie and deacon
Addison and Dylan played, Archie and Deacon sat with their Mummies and cooed and Bex and I chatted and enjoyed cake, it was a truly lovely few hours. It was so nice to see our babies smile and chat away, to help each other climb, they then shared their lunch beautifully together polishing off more food than I have ever seen Addison eat.
eating lunch
This is why I love blogging, Becky and I would probably never have met and in turn neither would our babies, that would have been a great shame as I think you can see, there is a beautiful friendship blossoming here, not just the one that their Mummies have.
best friends

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